Apple Blues

ImageI may not be a huge fan of Apple, but I do have to admit, I am very attached to my iPod classic click wheel. My iPod, which I like to call “myPod”, has been with me for about 8+ years now and has been through a lot, including near death experiences. MyPod has been very good to me, but the past few weeks have been rough. I’ve had to hit the menu and center button together several times to reboot, sound has only been coming in and out of one ear, and the phantom hold button would turn music off and on. Needless to say, myPod has many problems but I learned to deal since I’ve invested so much music into it (many songs that were on my now dead PC are on it). I’ve also created some of my favorite playlists on it such as, HiNRG , Cry Bitch Cry (CBC), and That’s HOT!. But, the other day, after trying several different earbuds and still no music in both ears, I had to go to the Apple store to see if they could nurse myPod back to health. That was quite the experience so I thought I would share.

I went to the Apple store in Grand Central Terminal since I practically work inside of it. I walked up the east balcony steps and over to one of the many blue-shirted people standing around holding an iPad. While pulling out myPod, I started my spiel about the sound not working properly, when the blue shirt cut me off and told me to go through the doors on the left and find another blue shirt person to tell my problem to. So I did what I was told, walked through the doors to the other side where there was another bunch of blue –shirted people holding iPads. I approached the first one, who seemed friendly enough, and started telling her my issue. She then asked me if I had an appointment, to which I replied no, then asked for my name and email and said “Your appointment is at 2:25 PM (it was 2:10 at the time). Please have a seat”. Again, I did what I was told, but was getting a little aggravated. Can’t someone just fix myPod already?! At 2:20 PM I heard my name being called. Yet another blue shirt approached me and asked me what the problem with myPod was. So for the third time in 15 minutes, I repeated my issue. She took myPod from me and said she was going to run a test on it. She came back 5 minutes later and said “I’m sorry, there is nothing we can Imagedo. I put in the serial number into our system and it seems your iPod is vintage so we don’t have the parts to fix it”. Really?! Vintage?! I shook my head laughing and asked her what my options were and she said I could buy a new one and get 10% off if I give them my old one. NO WAY MAN! The story of my life is on those playlists! The reality of it was that I had to suck it up and keep listening to music going in and out or just buy a new one. I chose the latter. When I told the “genius” I just wanted to buy a new one, she told me I needed to go back to where I entered and tell a blue shirt there I wanted to purchase an iPod classic. At this point I’m pretty frustrated, but headed over to the first blue shirt I saw by the entrance and told her I wanted to buy a new iPod. She asked what model and color I wanted and I told her iPod classic in black. Then she told me I could just go up to the register and tell the blue shirt behind there what I wanted. Really?? You can’t just help me??!! So I walk over to the register, told the blue shirt which iPod I wanted and he goes and gets it. He asked me how my day was and I said “Could be better…just found out my iPod was vintage” and chuckled. He tilted his head to the side and just looked at me. Guess I’m the only one that thought that was funny! I told him to forget it and to just ring me up and he did just that. Finally my Apple experience was over. Time now: 2:55 PM.

Bottom line, it took almost 50 minutes and 5 blue shirts to purchase something that I didn’t even have to think over or decide. I no longer have the patience that I used to. What happened to the days when 1 person would help you through your entire shopping experience? And to top things off, the myPod2 looks and feels exactly like myPod! GRRR…. I find it hard to believe that they don’t have the parts to fix it but I guess how else do you generate business?  On a happier note, what a great feeling to have full sound in both earbuds again! I hope myPod2 surpasses the life of myPod.






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